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Fondation de France in 2019: discover our annual report


There is an urgent need to act sustainably

Fondation de France is publishing its 2019 activity report. As the leading philanthropy network in France, it brings together 888 donors-advised funds, 431,389 donors, 560 volunteers and 220 employees. A total of €190.7 million was spent for implementation and monitoring 9,868 projects. This exercise in testimony, transparency and reporting takes on a special dimension this year: Fondation de France celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019.

This year has been an opportunity to illustrate the spirit, methods, expertise and know-how that are the hallmarks of Fondation de France, and also to firmly commit it to new horizons. Both quick to take action in urgent situations and able to sustain its activities over the long term in order to be effective, Fondation de France can freely devote itself to emerging causes, break new ground, and address poorly covered social needs. Being one-step ahead of the game and concentrating on the long-term: these two attributes are the strength of the Fondation de France and its network.


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